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Intructions for building the agent

Developing platform
I've done everything in an Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop but is not mandatory. You will need all the g++ stuff and (g++-4.3 for Debian 5.0).

Required downloads

  • Microsoft XPlatProviders Version 1.0.0
    Copy the compressed file to you home directory
    unpack the file: tar xvf xplatproviders-1.0.0.tar.gz 
  • Pegasus CMPI header files
    Download OpenPegasus from here.
    Copy the contents of the CMPI directory to /usr/src/Pegasus/Provider/CMPI.
    The CMPI directory has this path (inside de zip file): .\pegasus\src\Pegasus\Provider\CMPI

Patch XPlatProviders 1.0.0

Download and copy to your home directory this file
Patch the sources:
cd ~/xplatproviders-1.0.0
patch -p1 < ../xplatproviders-1.0.0.patch
patching file build/Makefile.gcc3
patching file build/
patching file build/xplatproviders/config.guess
patching file build/xplatproviders/
patching file configure
patching file source/code/common_lib/pal/system/disk/staticphysicaldiskinstance.cpp
patching file source/code/common_lib/pal/system/os/osinstance.cpp
patching file source/code/include/scxcorelib/scxcmn.h
patching file source/code/providers/meta_provider/metaprovider.cpp

Configure XPlatProviders 1.0.0

cd  xplatproviders-1.0.0
./configure --with-cmpi-headers=/usr/src/Pegasus/Provider/CMPI/
Created options.mak
Created ./source/code/include/scxcorelib/options.h
Created GNUmakefile
Configured for i686 Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu)


As we are in an Ubuntu box we need to override the normal behavior (that is to construct an ubuntu 10.10 provider)
So we need to execute this:
If you are in a Debian box just execute: make

XPlatProviders build is complete

Now we have this file: ~/xplatproviders-1.0.0/target/Linux_DEBIAN_5.0_x86_32_Release/
this file: ~/xplatproviders-1.0.0/target/Linux_DEBIAN_6.0_x64_64_Release/

Debian Package Building

Follow the intructions of the very very useful Muscetta Blog found here, just to the point when we have the skeleton. Don´t edit any file.

Download and copy to your home directory this patch.

Apply de patch:
cd ~/scx_1.0.4-265_i386
patch -p1 < ../scx_1.0.4-265_i386.patch
patching file debian/DEBIAN/control
patching file debian/DEBIAN/md5sums
patching file debian/DEBIAN/postinst
patching file debian/DEBIAN/postrm
patching file debian/DEBIAN/preinst
patching file debian/DEBIAN/prerm
patching file debian/etc/init.d/scx-cimd
patching file debian/usr/share/doc/scx/copyright
patching file debian-binary

Substitute de Provider library with the one we have just built
cp ~/xplatproviders-1.0.0/target/Linux_DEBIAN_5.0_x86_32_Release/ ~/scx_1.0.4-265_i386/debian/opt/microsoft/scx/lib/providers/
cp ~/xplatproviders-1.0.0/target/Linux_DEBIAN_6.0_x64_64_Release/ ~/scx_1.0.4-265_i386/debian/opt/microsoft/scx/lib/providers/

Change the owner of the files
cd ~/scx_1.0.4-265_i386
sudo chown -R root.root debian

And build the Debian Package
sudo dpkg-deb --build debian scx-1.0.4-265.Debian.5.x86.deb
sudo dpkg-deb --build debian scx-1.0.4-265.Debian.6.x64.deb

That's all Folks!

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